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Allan Sekula, Message in a Bottle, chapter 5, from Fish Story, 1992-94, 7 Cibachrome prints and 2 text panels, Dimensions variable, Photo: The Estate of Allan Sekula, Courtesy Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary Collection

ART CITIES:Vienna- Allan Sekula

Allan Sekula is a renowned American photographer, cultural theorist, historian writer and activist. His extraordinary body of experimental work has mainly been …

François Ronsiaux, United Land series #9, 2015, Courtesy Galerie Olivier Waltman, Art Paris 2017 Archive

ART FAIRS:Art Paris 2017

Since it was inaugurated in 1998, Art Paris Art Fair has become a highlight on the International Art calendar and a major …

Jaime Gili, A401 esca, 2016, Acrylic on canvas, 110 x 300 cm, Cecilia Brunson Projects

ART-PRESENTATION: Jaime Gili-Guarimba

Influenced by his heritage of Abstract painting, Jaime Gili creates from a sharply South American perspective, adapting this modern visual language to …


TRACES:Lucio Fontana

Today is the occasion to bear in mind Lucio Fontana (19/2/1899-7/9/1968). By slashing the center of his canvases, Fontana allowed three–dimensional space …

John Kørner, Blue Bedroom, Exhibition View, Courtesy the artist and Galleri Bo Bjerggaard

ART CITIES: Copenhagen-John Kørner

John Kørner, is a Danish artist who works with painting, graphics, installation and sculpture. The artist is known for his humorous approach …

Oscar Tuazon, © the artist, Courtesy Galerie Eva Presenhuber-Zurich

ART CITIES:Zurich- Oscar Tuazon

Oscar Tuazon works with natural and industrial materials to create inventive and often functional objects, structures, and installations that can be used, …



Today is the occasion to bear in mind Yoko Ono (18/2/33- ), a major figure in the ‘60s art scene, whose work …

Jannis Kounellis: Piraeus 23/3/36-Rome 16/2/17

Rest In Peace Jannis Kounellis

  “The ghosts make the Painting…Without ghosts, there would be no painting or painting would be stationary”-Jannis Kounnellis

Untitled 2006 by Jannis Kounellis born 1936

TRACES:Jannis Kounellis

Today is the occasion to bear in mind Jannis Kounellis (23/3/36-16/2/17). Kounellis worked initially in Rome, where he was settled and studied, …