dreamideamachine ART VIEW is a new, only on-line art magazine (founded October 2014), which introduces us to the international contemporary scene, through the people and the events associated with art. It is the result of years of research, experience, work and cooperation of two people, with the common vision and starting point, that is why the results in less than a single year are spectacular.

dreamideamachine ART VIEW is visited daily by 700-1000 people from more than 90 countries.

Top Countries

Greece: 35%
U.S.A.: 28%
France: 23%
Germany 8%
Russian Federation 5%


All the rights of articles and photos belong to the magazine and if someone wants to copy an article or photo, must contact us, by e-mail, to take the permission.


Publisher: Dimitris Lempesis
Senior Director: Efi Michalarou
Head of Advertising Department: Ethel Michalarou
Photo Editing: Dimitris Lempesis
Design & Development: SleeplessOwl
Contact: info@dreamideamachine.com