ART-REVIEW:Mario Merz-Numbers Are Prehistoric

1The exhibition “Mario Merz: Numbers Are Prehistoric” at the Museum of Cycladic Art Athens, organized by NEON Foundation, is not only interesting, because it focuses integrally in a specific representative period of the artist’s work, but also that extends from the ground floor to the first floor, creating a path with few artworks, but also for the intelligent and interesting dialogue that is created between the artist and the special spaces of the Museum, a Museum that has its own identity and history. This exhibition really highlights the important role of the curator, in my opinion this role has a significant importance. The experienced Paolo Colombo, he has combined Merz’s work with the space and draws all the possibilities of the poetic and philosophical thought of the artist with the architecture of the building. The same time he helps the visitor, through the curating into a visual tour and reveal the socio-political issues that concerned Mario Merz during his life and career.-Efi Michalarou