ART-REVIEW:Diego Bianchi-The Work in Exhibition

_0006583The artwork of Diego Bianchi, at first is very strange for the viewer, because he/she is seeing in the gallery different art-pieces which are balancing between sculpture and ready-made. The intention of the artist is to make a new world which connects nature and technology, the past and the future, that’s the way he uses various different and distinctive materials, which are compact and flexible, to help us to understand the way he perceives the world. The Argentine artist, who exhibits for the first time in Paris at the Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, loves sculpture and sees the assembled objects as a sculpture that has a special moment, he believes in the power of objects, for that reason and through the objects that he collects with the tension and the strength of random, but the objects are by no means accidental, the artist creates a world filled with motion, with derisive elements, where through the playful is reflected life itself, which is a real inspiration for him. His work, although at first puzzled us, creating mixed feelings, however, the adequacy and the movement of works but also the performance that took place during our visit in the gallery, helped us to understand the project through the inter-action since we felt that we were participating in our own way.-Efi Michalarou