ART-REVIEW:Double Eye Poke

EYE-KAMEL MENOURThe second group exhibition that really was of great interest andone of the two best high-level group exhibitions in Paris, except the exhibition “Almost Nothing” at the Marian Goodman Gallery, was the exhibition “Double Eye Poke”, which presented at the Galerie kamel mennour. The very important thing about this exhibition, was not only that the artists had USA as a reference point, that is their country of origin or work, nor the way in which they had approached the basic concept, but is especially the connection between the works and the artists and their extension in space. Is not only the nature of the works or artists such as: Dan Flavin, Sol Lewitt or Bruce Nauman, who are important and established and transfused an international character to the exhibition but the internal threads that unite their works with the space and the viewers, through different media. Each work at its core is independent, while contains and is contained in all the other works-Efi Michalarou.