ART-REVIEW:Jeff Koons-Centre George Pompidou-Paris

jeffkoonsmichaelandbubblesEvery time someone sees retrospective and even of an artist like Jeff Koons, who happened to meet and have a talk with him, more than once as the signatory, even if you know all of his artwork is anyway different because the space and setup are changing. Since it is neither the first time that we visited the Centre George Pompidou, especially in a retrospective, nor the first time that we view all the work of Jeff Koons, in this case the review is unnecessary, for this and we will stop in an earlier artwork, but a milestone for me in the course of the artist, “Michael Jackson & Bubbles”. From the first time I saw this big porcelain sculpture in 1996, to date, nearly twenty years, I feel that is always topical and whenever proves and reinforces my opinion that Jeff Koons, although a pop-artist, is thinking and deeply sensitive to social issues, even though he records and presents them in a externally relaxed way, internally they are containing multiple messages.-Efi Michalarou