13-3-2015 7-00-30 μμA combination of sculpture, architecture, music and installation, is created by Xavier Veilhan at the Gallery Perotin in Paris entitled “Music”, in which music goes hand in hand with the sculpture causing the creation of a visual environment that balances between reality and fiction arising from the cinema, just like the images being projected on the wall. Starting from the beginning of the ’90s, the artist deals not only with pure sculpture. However, with the creative approach and the combination of all the above media, where new media and technology contribute to a work balancing between the classical iconography and the contemporary visual approach, with strong architectural elements. The viewer understands the important role of the architecture in the work of Xavier Veilhan, not only by the setting up the exhibition but also by the minimal but effective way that converses communes with the other expressive media, something that is usual for the artist, like 2009 in the great exhibition at the Château de Versailles.-Efi Michalarou