OPEN CALL:École Nationale Supérieure de Bourges

The_o_Poulet_DNSEP2017_EnsaBourgesTwo diplomas:

(DNA/Licence) National Degree in Visual Arts Art Major / 3 years / bachelor level
 Postgraduate Degree in Visual Expression Art Major / DNAP + 2 years / masters level

Tuition fees
Non-grant students must pay:
1. enrolment fee: 433 EUR for the 2017–18 academic year
2. compulsory student social security (via LMDE or SMECO student insurance bodies): 217 EUR for the 2017–18 academic year
3. deposit cheque of 450 EUR to cover loan of equipment.

Entrance examination 2 sessions
April enrolment: 20/1-20/3/18
Cost: 37 EUR for non-grant students / 19 EUR for grant students
Examination: Wed–Thu, 11/12/18
Entrance examination for first year: Equivalency committee (entrance part way through the course for non-French candidates). Level TCF B2

More Info: