ART-REVIEW:Applied Altitudes

zafeiropoulos_nitra_3Theodoros Zafeiropoulos creates a upholstery in the area of Nitra Gallery in Thessaloniki, where covers a part of the walls with the reproduction and the formulation of an image, while as its starting point is real, turns into a fantastic world that resembles the real one, as he works with the landscape -a series of related images and their spread at the p.c., with colors-non colors, hypotonic, melancholic, a print that creates a poetic atmosphere. The icons of Zafeiropoulos, are not extreme, so seem strange to modern viewer, who is used to function through the shock and its social and psychological implications. Instead, they are quiet, calm and frontal. Without any game, regarding the background, the depth of field or even the frame, the opposite they remind the style, the form and the colors of other times landscapes. They do not shout, there is no suspense. Just they exist, are silent … and this makes them strangely charming.-Efi Michalarou