ART-REVIEW:The Great Golden Room

02The “Great Golden Room” is really great, perhaps greater than the dimensions of the space that houses it and this is the only paradox in connection with all the rest of the exhibition of Konstantinos Papamichalopoulos. This series of the artist’s works balance between Japanese comics, graffiti and Byzantine iconography in a way incredibly contemporary but also timeless, because communicates with ease and could be a modern video game, which was transferred to the screen. The space of the Baths of the Winds is really very good, but also extremely difficult. While develops a conceptual dialogue from room to room, creating a new space in the space with new dimensions and multiple readings, however, the large size of the artworks overcomes and exceeds the space, perhaps the reversal of the spaces would have been more fecund interlocutory and practical in truly remarkable artworks.-Efi Michalarou