ART-REVIEW:Paris Internationale 2016

Paris Internationale 2016The 2nd edition of Paris Internationale Art Fair took place at an old hotel, a magnificent space at 51 Avenue d’Iéna, just 1 km from Palais de Tokyo. Paris Internationale is organized by a group of promising young gallerists among them Samy Abraham, presented great interest since we were able to see in Paris, a series of alternative contemporary artworks, directly related to the selections of the Galleries located at Bellevile, where is the space of Samy Abraham. The participating galleries were international and the artworks were not so familiar to the French public, but in such an amazing place, a real dialogue was created, since the videos, the installations, the sculptures and the paintings spanned from the toilets to the mirrors and from public areas to large impressive halls and lounges, generating the promise to the experienced and savvy viewer that a new relationship is born in exactly the same proportions of Basel-Liste, in a Metropolis that redefines and repositions its place in the Contemporary Art world, quickly and dynamically just as it deserves.-Efi Michalarou