ART REVIEW:Maurizio Cattelan-Not Afraid Of Love

Maurizio Cattelan, La Nona Ora, 1999, Exhibition View at Monnaie de Paris (21/10/16-8/1/17)The exhibition “Not Afraid Of Love” by Maurizio Cattelan with a series of perhaps the most known and characteristic works of his career at the Monnaie de Paris, a place that recently opened its doors in Contemporary Art, has the form of a small succinct retrospective. For the viewer or the specialist who knows his work and himself for more than a decade shows no surprise or originality, in the opposite direction for the French viewer, that is accustomed to more classic artworks and just before a few years ago through the exhibitions at the Palais de and the Fondation Cartier began to initiate in the field of Contemporary Art, presents great interest, setting a series of questions and concerns. Because the spaces of the Monnaie des Paris are extremely interesting and very intriguing, the most interesting in this exhibition that really gives entity is the curating, since in each room is presented only a work, and exhibition starts with “La Nona Ora” (1999) tearing down the 1st symbol and ends with “HIM” (2001), eliminating in all the levels any notion of power. The intelligent dialogue that develops and extends physically in the space, where art and architecture coexist, go along and finally merge, making the classic to look contemporary and contemporary looking classic –Efi Michalarou