GOOD LIFE:The Sculptural Forms of Paula Lakah

paula with snakePaula Lakah, although she studied Architecture at the University of Munich and continued her graduate studies in the restoration of old buildings, focused on exploring the visual arts, through dealing with Design, the Set Design and Costume Design. While at the same time dealt with Pottery and experimenting with variety of materials. Since 1984 has presented her work in Germany, Holland, Austria, and known galleries in Athens and other Greek cities. The creativity combined with technical excellence, both in: Sculptures and Sculptures of the compositions, as in Diversity furniture, the Bright-Lighting Signals, the Sculpture Objects and Jewellery Design, which designs, old and new jobs, is the cause of interview below.

By Alexandra Tsotsou
Photo Paula Lakah Archive

space reda

Each creation is always a starting point of inspiration, a stimulus to start being born, an idea to become real. What is your incentive?
Life itself is the greatest stimulus and of course the internal search and development. Inspiration comes from many factors of physical, social and spiritual environment, such as materials, objects, feelings, images and moments. The inventive time and the evolution of each moment of life is an inspiration, a principle to be born a new idea.
Each artist loves his creations because they are “own children”, depicting a part of his inner world. There is creation not feel right?
If the creation has not been completed, it is not independent, then yes. Certainly the creation of each moment is independent of the particular moment. This does not mean that in a further time the creation is not reconstructed and recreated, reaching a new result more sophisticated and comprehensive.
In the new jewelry line, you see that wings are leading. They identify with Ancient Greece and specifically the winged messenger-god Hermes? It is a message for us?
All my creations have a deeper message that will captivate the person to discover. The wings symbolize beyond what we know, connecting conscious -unconscious. There is a relevant poet at this point, wrote the Persian poet Rumi: «You have wings, learn how to use them and fly».
“Nothing is what it seems,” is a phrase that expresses your deepest meaning “induce” benevolently always interested to find out the messages of your projects. Would you describe what seems from your perspective?
People tend to always see the outer cover. It’s easy and familiar. The surface is not always enough, there must be a stimulus, an incentive to seek out what is inside and not the obvious.
Experiencing a difficult economic period and in accordance with your motto “More light and transparency in our life”, could this be a rule change in our lives?
It is a matter of visual angle. Humans hardly accept anything that brings new changes. Definitely a negative event will throw us placing too much, but if you look at it from another angle, perhaps be a challenge to learn something from it and evolve as people and move forward in a different pattern of life beyond the familiar and ordinary.
We observe that both the objects and jewelry you are using Plexiglas base material, used for many years, is there any particular reason? Identified with the transparency you mention above?
The Plexiglas equated with transparency and light. And this is the reason that this is the time. Generally I like to explore many materials and remember me feel them until he has completed research … My favorite material (?) – I love wood.

-boomerang-lady-40cm black plexiglas-red aluminium

ENZ- aluminum-bronze silverplated 30cm hight

perforated red1 40cm diameter 200,-

'red tongue' fish aluminium-plexi-bronze pieces 48cm with tongue 120,-e


-hamsa- (1)



-birds-earrings 01